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Moms, Don’t Easily Believe These 3 Credit Card Myths

Being a housewife is not only required to take care of her husband and children, but also to manage family finances so that all household needs are met. This is not an easy task, because there are a few wrong strategies, everything goes awry, expenses are inflated and other things that can threaten family harmony.

A housewife knows which priority needs and which can still be postponed. Including business discounts, cheap promo shopping at the supermarket are observant. Usually discounted prices and promos scattered when shopping using a credit card. If there are more transactions, there are points that can be exchanged to get other benefits.

But the name is a housewife, usually does not have a steady income so it is difficult to apply for a credit card. Though not necessarily the bank will immediately reject your credit card application for reasons of not having a steady income. This is just a myth that is not necessarily true.

Therefore, do not rush to believe the myth and increasingly make you discourage applying for a credit card. What are the current myths regarding credit cards and housewives in circulation and should not be trusted? Check out the following explanation.


1. Impossible Housewife Have a Credit Card

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“I’m a housewife, I don’t work in an office and don’t have a regular income every month. How can credit card applications be accepted?”

Right, you really are not an office employee. But remember, housewife is the financial regulator in the family. Everything is done starting from grocery shopping, paying bills, saving money, and others properly. Don’t let anyone miss it so that life is safe. Things like this can be a positive assessment for the credit card issuing bank. Instead of doubt, the bank will see you as a great potential to increase the number of their credit card transactions.

So don’t believe in the myth that housewives can’t have a credit card. Do not hesitate to immediately submit a credit card to the desired bank. Usually the bank will see the transaction history from your account. Also, the bank will ask for deposit funds. As long as it is fine, the chances of receiving your credit card application are quite large.


2. Never Have a Credit Card, No Credit History Can Be Evidence

The second myth that is often used as an excuse for housewives who fail to apply for credit cards is to feel they do not have a good credit history to be used as supporting evidence to the bank because they have never had a credit card before. In fact, credit card history is not merely a factor of how easily you get a new credit card. There are still a number of other credit products that can be taken into consideration by banks when accepting credit card applications, such as Home Ownership Loans (KPR), Unsecured Loans (KTA), to the track record of repayments of motor vehicle loan installments ever undertaken.

To make the submission process go smoothly, make sure you have a good credit history for various loans besides credit cards. For example, having a car or motorcycle installment, so don’t ever pay late every month. That way, the bank will see your positive track record.

3. Between husband and wife, credit history is the same

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In fact, your and your partner’s credit history is different so you don’t need to worry that your husband’s credit history will affect your wife’s credit record. Indeed, there are options where you and your partner can apply for joint credit. This means that responsibility will be borne by the husband and wife. But for the sake of meeting the needs of the household, it is better if it is separated.


Just a Myth, Don’t Hesitate to Submit a Credit Card

Just a Myth, Don

How is it, moms? Now you already know that it’s all just a myth whose truth cannot be proven. So no need to hesitate anymore to apply for a credit card so that you can enjoy the benefits in order to meet the needs of the family. But remember, do not be too far. Arrange expenses as best you can, wisely use a credit card, and discipline to pay bills. May be useful!

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