November and still going strong

8 November 2010 § Leave a comment

All my favorite vendors were at the Montclair Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Usually they start falling off in fall but they were out in full force taking advantage of the sunny weather. I had the pleasure of a quick visit on my own as King Marv took The Ladies™ for a family haircut, so I was able to meander a bit more than usual.

The Tree-Licious lady said that they will be there until December as they have fresh produce growing all the time. Still to come are all those hearty root vegetables – turnip, parsnip and rutabaga. This week brussels sprouts were plentiful, particularly those brussels sprouts trees that look like some fantastical illustration out of a Dr. Seuss book. Countless varieties of gourds and squashes brightened up the station parking lot, the colors as vibrant as a series of autumnal-themed paint chips. The Shore Catch people were there, including the fisherman himself, the Jersey Shore still has plenty of fish in the sea.

We have friends coming for dinner tomorrow so I played Farmers’ Market Roulette and bought a few random things that looked good. I am hoping tomorrow I will have a flash of inspiration to put them all together to make something resembling a meal.  My picks were beautiful colored carrots (a mixture of orange and purple), some Fingerling potatoes, beets, butternut squash and celery. Having never tried Cameo apples before, I bought a few. I also bought some quinces, so looking for some quinspiration if any one has any, please let me know.

Having met the fisherman who caught the fish, I had to buy some cod (for the grown ups) and flounder (for the Ladies ™) for tomorrow’s dinner. I also remembered to order my Thanksgiving turkey  – a free range hen from Vacchiano Farms. I learned my lesson a few years back when my pregnancy brain forgot about Christmas (being a Brit it is compulsory to have turkey on Christmas Day) – and the only bird I could get my hands on Christmas Eve was a 24lber – perfect for a quiet Christmas à deux. Needless to say the freezer was chock full of endless variations of turkey which served us well through the Winter when the Ladies™ were born.

Recipes to follow once I’ve figured out what to do with this week’s haul.


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