Air miles for us, but not our food

10 January 2011 § Leave a comment

This Little Piggy has been in a bit of a food coma, and is now in recovery after two weeks of over-indulgence in Britain, you really can have too much of a good thing. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Properly served beer – slightly warm, dark and delicious. King Marv savored the HB in Wales, brewed just 12 miles from where we were staying by Brain’s Brewery, which has the best advertising slogan ever – “it’s Brains you want!”
  • My dad’s ice cream –  he made more ice cream flavors than Ben and Jerry’s just to please The Ladies™, naturally I had to try each one, as well as the hazelnut meringues he made to go with them.
  • The 7-course tasting menu at Swinton Park in Yorkshire where the chef, Simon Crannage, takes provenance very seriously. Produce does not get more local than the hotel’s own kitchen garden and estate. Failing that the meat comes from the local butcher who kills on the premises. King Marv also sampled the local brew – Black Sheep, made in the local brewery all of a mile away from the hotel.
  • Jamie’s Italian in Bath actually served decent food! I am a food chain snob, generally opposed to them on principle, but it really succeeded in serving rustic Italian very well. The staff were also charming, considering we were there two days before Christmas with seven little girls under seven. Adding to our entertainment was John Cleese, on a nearby table, dangling prosciutto from his mouth in a comedic fashion.

After such excess this Little Piggy is taking some time to go easy on the dairy produce (why does British cream taste better than the stuff here? And the variety is so much better – single, double, whipping and clotted) and leaf through two glorious new cookbooks (thanks Momo!) – Nigel Slater Tender Volume 2 (the one about fruit) and Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty.

As the Farmer’s Market is now closed for the Winter I have signed up for a food Co-op share so will have lots of recipes based on the weekly vegetable roulette. I’m looking forward to picking up my first veggie box this week so I can start trying out some new recipes.

Swinton Park


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