4 March 2011 § 1 Comment

We miss my in-house baker. We have been very lucky and have had fresh bread baked most days for the past three weeks. We’ve had ciabatta, white rolls, whole-wheat loaves and sesame seed bread. My parents came to visit and my father made delicious fresh bread just about every other day. I love the way the smell fills the house, and love watching that magical transformation of a few modest ingredients. He always travels with a packet of yeast and a well-used photocopy of a recipe. It has taken him years to master his technique, and I will admit he is now a pretty good baker.  I will learn to make bread one day, it just seems a bit too scientific for my slapdash, throw it all together style of cooking.



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  • momo says:

    Hi Lisa
    I agree dad does bake good bread .I love his assorted bread rolls best .But did he make you his ice-cream when he was with you //// yummy !!!!!!

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