This little piggy went to the farm

18 May 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday we drove out to Washington Township, NJ for an Open House at Vacchiano Farms. As readers of This Little Piggy will know, they are our favorite vendor at the Montclair Farmers’ Market. Such is their commitment, Anthony and Rebecca even made the trip to Montclair through most of the winter—often as the only stand at the market—selling their wonderful meat and baked products.

King Marv is more of an urban creature, but the lure of roasted pig was enough to make him don his rainboots. The invite asked that all we brought was our appetite. Luckily we arrived there hungry as the Vacchiano family’s generosity and hospitality was quite overwhelming. They had taken a precious day off from farming to provide a feast for those lucky enough to attend. We feasted on roasted pork, pulled pork, pasta shells filled with their homemade ricotta, their own mozzarella, fresh asparagus, and many, many delicious salads. Then there were the desserts – cream puffs and cookies made by Anthony’s mother – cannoli, fresh fruit. This was all washed down by Vacchiano Farms’s own (and very palatable) wine.

The Ladies™ had a great time. They saw fluffy ducklings, fluffier goslings and tiny baby turkeys which looked so much cuter than the scary-looking grown up version. Away from fluffiness, I fear The Ladies™ take after their father, as they weren’t too keen on some of the farm smells.

I, on the other hand, was as happy as the proverbial pig wallowing in the proverbial. The rich agricultural aroma took me back to those summers in Wales, working the land and worming sheep. (Yes. Really. It was fine until I got ringworm.)  Amseroedd da as they in Wales. (That’s “Good times” for those of you who don’t speak Welsh.)

A big thank you to Anthony, Rebecca and the senior members of the Vacchiano family for both their generosity and this fascinating insight into the workings of a successful farm.  We had a great day in the country. It was wonderful to see where our food comes from and the labor (and love) that goes into getting it onto our table.



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