New at the market yesterday….sunshine!

22 May 2011 § 4 Comments

After what feels like an eternity of soggy, gray days, the sun managed to haul its sorry self out for a sunny morning at the Montclair Farmers Market yesterday. The number of vendors had crept up to four – Vacchiano Farms,  Shore Catch, Picklelicious and Stefan & Sons.

We bought some Polish Kielbasy from Stefan & Sons. It was really good to see Mario and Lisa back there. The Ladies™ had really missed them, well actually they had missed their sizzling samples of Kielbasy.

Mario and Lisa from Stefan & Sons

Little by little the selection of fresh produce at Vacchiano Farms is growing, they had radish, lettuce, asparagus, rhubarb as well as a good herb selection. I had time to browse their fresh produce, while my mother supervised The Ladies’ sampling of all the pickles and olives at Picklelicious. They agreed the half sour pickles were their favorite, followed closely by the Kosher dill.

As my parents are visiting we stocked up on chicken, eggs, NY strip steak and English style sausages. King Marv requested we buy sausages as he has decided to cook dinner – a major event in our house as it happens so rarely. He is cooking an English speciality – the bizarrely named Toad in the Hole – a combination of two of his favorite foods – Yorkshire Pudding and bangers, basically a popover with sausages. It looks nothing like a toad, more like worms in sand. And based on that tempting description, I bet you can’t wait for that post.


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