Wild Wednesdays – what’s growing this year?

1 June 2011 § Leave a comment

The Ladies™ spotted them first. Our first cherry tomatoes – tiny and greener than Kermit.

Last year they were bounteous right through until early October. It saved me a fortune on those organic punnets that cost $4.99 each. If I did not supervise their consumption they would eat one a day, that’s $35 a week on tomatoes alone.

Apart from some herbs, and the compost heap mushrooms (if you’re wondering I did not eat them), nothing else is ready for eating yet. Buoyed with confidence from last year’s tomato glut we got a bit carried away last month planting seeds – cucumber, basil, radish, arugula, lettuce and sugar snap seeds. We also planted peppers, garlic, blueberries and of course tomatoes. I fear my minimalist gardening approach might not work this time: water (when you remember), weed (rarely) and scatter compost over every now and again.

This is how much things have grown in a month. Will be updating you on how things are growing in Wild Wednesdays.

June 1

April 27, not much happening apart from some oregano that survived Winter


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