Nostradamus says grow your own

23 June 2011 § 3 Comments

Last weekend in Kingston, NY the old Mohican Market piqued my curiosity. I was nosing in trying to figure out what it was. It looked like a cross between an opulent nightclub, a library and a botanical garden.

It is the office of the publication, the Trends Journal. Its owner Gerald Celente told me that it was the former site of Kingston’s old market and a renowned bakery; he gave me a copy of the publication and off I went to find King Marv and The Ladies™ in a local café.

It was not until later I realized this man was the trend forecaster, who among other things predicted the 1987 Stock Market Crash, the Dot-com bust, 2001 Recession, the “Panic of ’08” and the rise of gourmet coffee. Back in 1994 he predicted the locavore movement and the increase in micro-farming – commercial growing operations of 20 acres or less.

In the current edition of the Trends Journal he has written an update on the micro-farming trend. He talks about the increase in people growing their food and describes this as victory gardens. The phrase is borrowed from the victory gardens of the second world war, but also refers to a victory over agribusiness. Here are the victories as he sees it.

1) Victory over tainted food – think of all the recent E.coli scares. Organic used to be part of  an alternative lifestyle, now it is becoming a means of self-defense.

2) Victory over factory food – processed foods are making people sick.

3) Victory over expensive food – food costs are rising due in part to rising demand in the developing world.  Family farmers may be able to fulfill some of the shortfall and compete with agribusiness. With the increase in fuel and fertilizer costs the microfarmer becomes more viable filling gaps in demand.

4) Victory over hard times. Many people are growing their own food due to financial necessity.

Celente believes that “victory gardens” will reduce the power of agribusinesses and transfer the power back to where it belongs.

So reclaim some of that power and start growing your victory garden. Start with a packet of radish seeds. Within 2-3 weeks all these could be yours.


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