It’s tomato time – a bit of Italy in Jersey

25 August 2011 § 11 Comments

You know the end of the summer is coming fast when my lovely neighbor, Rosa, starts making tomato sauce, or gravy as it is known around here in the North East. In case you are not from these parts “gravy” is an erroneous English translation from the Italian sugo which means juice, but can also mean sauce (as in sugo per pastasciutta).

Anyway I just had to go over this morning to take some pictures.

The operation is planned with military precision. Over 40 bushels of tomatoes get delivered to her house and the whole family pitch in to get them sorted, cleaned and then made into tomato sauce.

A thunderstorm and heavy rain shower stopped work but I saw the first part of the operation – sorting, cleaning and boiling. I will post more pictures when work resumes as the tomatoes still need to be skinned, deseeded and simmered to turn them into that delicious tomato sauce.

First the tomatoes are cleaned and sorted
After a few minutes in boiling water the tomatoes are scooped out
And left to dry


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