School Lunch

4 September 2011 § 5 Comments

School lunches. The very thought of them fills me with fear. Not the eating, but the preparing.

Although I will admit I was afraid of school dinners. Very afraid. Back then it was all chewy meat, overcooked vegetables, mash followed by hot pink blancmange the consistency of wallpaper paste. I shudder to this day. My poor mother ended up packing me a lunch after the dinner ladies reduced me to tears.

Now The Ladies™ will be lunching every day at school I had to ask some friends for some advice on what makes a good lunch. So armed with some great suggestions and various cookie cutters (now is that a duck or dinosaur above?) I wrote this article for Barista Kids.

On the Barista Kids Facebook page we will be compiling a photo gallery of lunches. So please send me photos of what is in your kids’ lunch boxes and we will publish them to give others inspiration.


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§ 5 Responses to School Lunch

  • This is great. Thanks! Any inspiration in this area is so helpful. 🙂

  • ko says:

    first of all, oscar will miss lunching with the ladies (and gio as well!).
    second, i am the exact same way–love to cook, adore food, would rather stick fork in eye than make school lunch. one thing i’ve found helpful, is the container. last year i used the klip-it box (bpa free) (or so they claim). it’s a cube that has 3 compartments so you concentrate on filling those up. this year i have a little stainless steel number and this thing called a snack taxi for a sandwich or snack (all reusable). i feel like if i have a certain number of places to put food, it’s less daunting.
    my kids have always adored the cookie cutter sandwiches (cream cheese and jelly, hummus and tomato, pb and stuff). the boy liked rolled up turkey. and in the winter, i have a cute thermos for noodles or beans and rice. i ask everyone i meet what they stick in their kid’s lunch. i even ask the kids what everyone eats. there are never enough ideas. thanks for writing this–and please, keep the ideas coming!

  • Love the cookie cutter idea! I’m strangely excited for the school lunch challenge in a few years. I’m getting some practice with my husband, who brown bags it to avoid the terrible take-out at work, but he sometimes gets embarrassed to be eating wheat berry salad when everyone else is is having pizza. Maybe I should send a heart-shaped pbj tomorrow…

  • Turning (off) Japanese says:

    haha, my husband is complete opposite, since he works in “mexican or fast food?” neighborhood. i’ve been putting off writing american school lunch… they are… not. good. at. all!

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