More cake – Strawberry Coconut Cake

26 May 2011 § 2 Comments

And here is birthday cake number two:

I never fully appreciated the excitement of cake until those party girls, The Ladies™, came along. What is it with four-year olds and cake? I am not much of a baker and I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. But there is something about having children that means a birthday is not complete without a cake and candles.

I prefer to bake my own  – that way I control the ingredients – organic milk and eggs, and I usually half the amount of sugar in most recipes.

When I made King Marv’s Gretsch guitar coconut cake I doubled the quantity knowing I would need another one in a few days time for my mum. May is indeed the International Month of Birthdays in our house. As I had run out of cake tins, I baked the leftover coconut cake batter in a loaf tin. Then froze it. Defrosted it a few days later, halved it, spread strawberry jelly (jam) in the middle, added whipped cream, and decorated with more cream and strawberries. And voilà birthday cake number two.

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