Coconut florentines

22 December 2011 § 4 Comments

I really promise this will be the last cookie post for a while. When Melody from Hot from the Kettle, asked me for a few cookie recipes, this one was begging to be shared.

I used to think florentines were tricky to make until I made them, and found out they are so easy. GlacĂ© cherries were never my thing. I’ve not figured out if that is because they conjure up images of naff cocktails or just because they are totally tasteless with a weird, rubbery texture. So with my aversion to glacĂ© cherries I replaced them with festive dried cranberries.

This is a very decadent cookie: dried fruit, almonds, coconut and chocolate as dark as you like. I love a minimum of 70% cocoa content, but if white chocolate floats your boat, you could use that. The recipe is over on Hot From the Kettle.

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