Healthy Snacks for Kids: Granola Bars or Flapjacks

12 March 2012 § 4 Comments

I love writing my What’s for Dinner? column on Barista Kids as it challenges me to think of quick, good dinners.

In general I try to focus on meals for the whole family and make sure that it’s something healthy, tasty and fun that kids want to eat more of. If I get that bit right, I can reduce The Ladies™ snack consumption. Sometimes, of course, (file under: kids being kids) they just need something to tide them over until the next meal.

Thus, these granola bars (or flapjacks as we have been calling them back in Blighty since Shakespeare’s day) are really easy and pretty tasty. You can find the recipe here on Barista Kids.

I try not to buy too many processed snacks as even the so-called “healthy” ones have some dubious ingredients. This granola bar is packed with oats, seeds and dried fruits.

Yes I know there’s a bit of butter, sugar and golden syrup, but you get to control the amount. « Read the rest of this entry »

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