Summer Pasta (Squash and Basil)

10 July 2011 § 1 Comment

Nothing says summer like an abundance of summer squash. It was out in all its greenish golden glory at Kingston Farmers’ Market yesterday.

See my post on What’s for Dinner? on Barista Kids for the recipe for this summer squash with basil pasta. This light summer dish tastes so creamy, you’d swear it has cream in it.

Here’s the recipe.

I found rhubarb (and Roobarb)

3 July 2011 § 4 Comments

There were slim pickings at Kingston Farmers’ Market yesterday. It was busier than normal due to the blue skies and the holiday crowds. Many of the stalls were packing up by the time we got there. Among the greens, baby fennel and radishes healthy I found some rhubarb. I have a bit of a rhubarb fixation. I have been dreaming of rhubarb pie and crumbles, basically anything to act as a vehicle for custard.

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I then spotted redcurrants and blackcurrants, those rare, tart little jewels which remind me so much of home, I swear you can taste the Vitamin C in them. I was told that next week they should also have gooseberries, I seem to miss them every year as they are only around for a short burst. But this year I’m going to make sure I’m there early next Saturday.

Back to rhubarb, I think my rhubarb obsession might have been subconsciously fueled by this weird kids’ show we were brought up on, called Roobarb and Custard. Just take a few seconds to listen to the opening music. Genius.

Kingston Farmers’ Market is located on Wall Street in Kingston NY, and is open from May 28 thru November 19,every Saturday, 9 am – 2pm (rain or shine). There is plenty of free parking there.

This Little Piggy went upstate

18 June 2011 § 2 Comments

We were traveling upstate NY and stopped at the Kingston Farmers’ Market, just off exit 19 of the NY Thruway. You can tell I’m an honorary Jersey girl by the fact I use exit numbers to denote location.

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The historic Stockade district has a faded, shabby elegance to it. The flat wooden roofs over its sidewalks give it a feeling more akin to New Orleans than upstate New York. Nestled among the pawn shops, tattoo parlors and bizarre costume shops are some signs that a cultural renaissance is bubbling under the surface: a dance studio, coffee bean shops, upscale cafes and the wonderful Fleisher’s Grass-fed and organic meats all hint to a rosier future.

Located on Wall St in the historic Stockade district, the market spans a full block. With over thirty vendors offering organic and natural fare such as meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and other baked goods, honey, fresh-cut flowers and so much more, it had everything you’d expect to deliver a great Farmers’ Market experience.

We ambled along Wall St, stopping to buy doughnuts and strawberries from Davenport Farms. I was rather taken with the pig painting at the Northwind Farms stand so I bought some bacon for King Marv’s Father’s Day treat. In terms of produce, there was some beautiful rainbow-colored chard and plenty more scapes, but after my ‘scapades of the other week, I felt we’d had enough of them. The Ladies™ were happy with their doughnuts and King Marv was happy at the prospect of a visit to some guitar shops and the temple of meat that is Fleisher’s.

The Kingston Farmers’ Market is located on Wall Street in Kingston NY, and is open from May 28 through November 19, every Saturday, 9 am – 2pm (rain or shine). There is a municipal parking lot and plenty of street parking close by.

This Little Piggy will DEFINITELY be going back. It is well worth the visit and I recommend it!

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