Hot Apple Cakes Recipe

2 October 2012 § 1 Comment

With a slight chill in the morning air Fall fruit is definitely here. Apples and pears are just begging to be baked.

I’m trying to wean one of The Ladies™ from her strawberry fixation. It’s not even as if they taste that good at the moment but she will not be told and is only eating red fruit. Why are some kids so fussy? The other one will eat everything which goes to show it is not the parents. So I’ve taken to sneaking apples into baked products as it is one way to expand her fruit repertoire and save a bit on the grocery bills – those berries are not cheap.

This recipe that I posted on Barista Kids takes an apple and transfers it into a buttery and sugary treat. This recipe is a variation of traditional Welsh Cakes (basically substitute the raisins for apple) and is definitely to be enjoyed with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee.

You can even turn this into a craft activity by getting the kids to roll out the dough and get to work with their cookie cutters while you enjoy that cuppa.

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