How to roast a chicken on the hottest day of the year and stay cool

10 June 2011 § 6 Comments

I had a beautiful free-range chicken from Vacchiano Farms that I really wanted to roast. But yesterday in the North East it was too hot to be in the kitchen. In fact it was too hot to do anything much.

I remembered a friend telling me she always roasts her chicken on the grill, even in winter. So I found a handy video on the Tubes of You and got to work.


  • Quicker than the oven. The skin was deliciously crisp and the meat was flavorful and moist.
  • The Ladies™ thought it was very exciting cooking outside and got involved in basting with olive oil and picking rosemary and thyme to stuff the chicken.


  • I did not oil the grill sufficiently and lost half the skin so no photos, as it was not very pretty.
  • Due to skin detritus the grill needed a good scrub after.
  • As the chicken is directly on the grill you lose all those delicious juices to make a sauce with.

Verdict – definitely worth doing. However next time I will be chilling in the paddling pool with a glass of Chablis while the bird is cooking.

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