Pumpkin-Palooza – How to prepare for Thanksgiving and make Pumpkin Purée

10 November 2011 § 10 Comments

The three things I learned at my Thanksgiving dinner with the Voltaggio Brothers were these: Preparation! Preparation! and Preparation! Simply put, it is time to get your Thanksgiving on! This Pumpkin-Palooza post is all about getting prepared and making pumpkin purée. Oh, and the letter P…

Let’s start with that quintessential Thanksgiving staple –  pumpkins. The pumpkin is so versatile: used both as a candle-lit carved ghoul for Halloween and as a fairy stagecoach to take Cinders to the ball. Flavor-wise you can go gentle with cinnamon and nutmeg or really heat things up with red chili, ginger and a robust cheese, such as Parmesan.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to purée your own. I promise it tastes better. The canned version always has a strange metallic smell and an unappetizing browny-orange color. Making your own takes a bit of time but you can purée now, then freeze it in a ziplock bag, and make one of the delicious pumpkin recipes I’m going to share soon.

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