Freekah Salad

28 September 2014 § Leave a comment

This is a great salad to make while tomatoes are still plentiful. I think we only have a few more weeks left so make this freeking awesome salad before it is too late. The recipe is on Barista Kids What’s for Dinner?freekah

Brussels sprouts, pecan & parmesan salad

6 December 2013 § Leave a comment

Following the Thanksgiving pie-fest this is what we’ve eaten a lot of. Really easy, fresh with a bit of a crunch (in a good way).



Yup. You guessed it the recipe is over on my What’s for Dinner? column.  Do yourself a favor and make a few of this before the Christmas binge begins.

Fall Salad – Yellow Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

6 October 2013 § Leave a comment

I came to the realization that my What’s for Dinner? column was risking becoming what’s baking? I needed to do something savory as the emphasis had been too much on sweet.

With this summery October weather I wanted a salad, albeit one with a bit of autumnal heft. The goat cheese I bought from Valley Shepherd at the Montclair Farmers Market yesterday inspired this dish. Having splurged and then gorged on several of their delicious cheeses for lunch I needed something healthy to go with the soft creamy goat cheese. This yellow beet with goat cheese salad, caramelized onions and lentils was just the ticket.


Here is the recipe over on Baristanet.

Roasted Daikon Chips and Daikon Salad recipe.

28 April 2013 § 3 Comments

It is quite daunting to follow the epic pie made by King Marv in his guest post. Using up the vegetables in your veggie box seems so mundane in comparison to boiling pigs’ hooves for three hours to make a jelly.

I was flummoxed by the abundance of daikon radish I got the other week. The large, mild flavored radishes are okay to eat – bland and inoffensive but nothing to get excited about, definitely a “meh” root vegetable. The reality was if I did not tackle them soon they would be forgotten and neglected at the bottom of the fridge destined for reincarnation in the compost bin.


I knew offering daikon raw to The Ladies™ was going to be a hard sell. So this is what I came up with: daikon radishes prepared in two ways – roasted as chips and as a salad with carrots, sesame and ginger. No surprises – the chips were the clear winner. The salad would have had The Ladies™ approval had I reduced the amount of ginger. « Read the rest of this entry »

Kale Hipster Salad Recipe

13 August 2012 § 13 Comments

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last posted….did anyone miss me?

Northern Spy Food Co’s Incredible Kale Salad, adapted with seasonal ingredients

So, before we get to the Kale Salad, a bit about my summer. Apart from sailing around the world three times, I’ve been busy diving for oysters in Japan, grinding coffee beans in Costa Rica, seeking the finest tea leaves from Sri Lanka and slaughtering my own organic pigs fed on a diet of barley and acorns.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Pea, feta, mint and barley salad

20 June 2012 § 9 Comments

Some foods are just meant for each other: peas and mint are one of those magical combinations. The cool, clean tang of the mint contrasts with the sweet-as-sugar crunchy peas. To make this early summer salad add some subtly salty feta and the flavors will sing against the backdrop of the barley.

Pea, mint, feta and barley salad

The Ladies™ are disappointed as our garden has yielded a meagre three peas. So I bought a few handfuls of peas from the Farmers Market and got The Ladies™ working on shelling them. « Read the rest of this entry »

Quinoa with Herb Dressing

2 June 2012 § 8 Comments

Last weekend we visited one of my favorite Farmers’ Markets at the Round Barn, Pakatan in beautiful Delaware County, NY. I wrote about it last summer here.

The day was lovely and the warm weather had brought out lots of friendly purveyors to sell their incredibly fresh and local produce. But, the highlight of the day was that our trip led to The Ladies eating devouring a new food for dinner.

Getting children to eat new foods can be tricky, but in this case, it all started with one of the Ladies™ choosing some herbs because “they looked pretty.” « Read the rest of this entry »

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