Happy Mother’s Day! – Pancake recipe

13 May 2012 § 16 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day. How was yours? I’m happy as long as I have a cup of good coffee. The best breakfasts can be let down by mediocre coffee. I can skip the eggs, granola and bagels for coffee. Just give me good coffee.

This year I had almond croissants and coffee in bed served on a tray with a fresh azalea plucked fresh from the yard. And it was perfect as the coffee was good.

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Buckwheat Pancakes – don’t try these at home

12 August 2011 § 5 Comments

This summer we’ve been getting up later and having bigger more leisurely breakfasts. This stack of pancakes look innocent enough. Nothing offensive about them is there? Golden color, garnished with fruit – just waiting for maple syrup.

Upon taking their first mouthful the reaction I got from The Ladies™ was sheer horror. I think I would have had a better reaction if I’d served a plate of mouse droppings.

The youngest (by one whole minute) of The Ladies ™ – knew straight away. She eyed her pancake suspiciously, prodded it with a fork and announced it smelled funny.

No amount of maple syrup could persuade her to eat it. I had committed a huge error by  substituting half the flour for buckwheat, and she knew.

So for fussy little ones don’t try these, try these my fail-safe pancake recipe. I agree the plain flour ones taste so much better – perfect for a leisurely weekend breakfast.

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